The walkthrough

This walkthrough is of one of the crackmes to understand how to work on ida

The program takes user input. It generates a number based on an internel algo, the result is always 3. It then compares the user number and generated number.

Two numbers are hard coded, firstnumber = 0x64 and secondNumber = 0xe The algo is as follows: (((firstNumber + firstNumber) + firstNumber) + secondNumber) / firstNumber

============================ [user@comp PieIsMyFav]# ./simple Welcome to the wonderful world of assembly! Qual o numero magico? 3 Essa eh a sua flag! ==========================================

int main() {
int firstNumber = 100;
int secondNumber = 14;
int userNumber = 0;
int generatedNumber = 0;
puts("Welcome to the wonderful world of assembly!");
printf("Qual o numero magico? ");
scanf("%d", &userNumber);
generatedNumber = (((firstNumber + firstNumber) + firstNumber) + secondNumber) / firstNumber;
if (userNumber == generatedNumber) {
puts("Essa eh a sua flag!");
} else {
puts("Try harder...");